LoginSecure Content: Can I have Click To Action (CTA) set-up for items and the entire module?

Yes, it is possible to do this. Each item can have there individual link associated with it and the main module can also have a link assigned to it. This way each CTA(Click To Action) is unique.

We recommend though that if you want CTA for items you should not make the entire module also a CTA but you can leave it better as a link or not use that function at all. The reason for this is that when a visitor misses the Item CTA they must have clicked on the module when the module then redirects the user, the user thinks that he/she clicked the button correctly but then comes onto a page that is not corresponding with the item.

KB Article: https://loginsecure.eu/helpdesk/knowledgebase/view-article/84-loginsecure-content-can-i-have-click-to-action-cta-set-up-for-items-and-the-entire-module