LoginSecure Slideshow: How can I easily order my slides?

Since our latest version of this extension, it is possible to easily order your slides without having to redo work or be a magician with zooming in and out. 

In the "Content" tab of our extension, there is now a button called "Easy Ordering" after clicking on this button all slides will collapse and only display their titles. From then on it is a simple matter of dragging and dropping the slides to the appropriate places. 

You can drag and drop by clicking and holding on the [···] (3 dots) at the left side of each slide. Then while holding you can slide it to the right position and upon arrival, you can let go of the mouse.

KB Article: https://loginsecure.eu/helpdesk/knowledgebase/view-article/67-loginsecure-slideshow-how-can-i-easily-order-my-slides