Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

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LoginSecure's Consultancy Services

We always aim to achieve the best in every project we worked on. To reach this achievement we needed to expand our knowledge time and time again. Over the years this knowledge became not only valuable to ourselves but also to our clients who always directly benefit from it. Every day we keep increasing this knowledge.

One day we can help you with this knowledge! And no our knowledge is not limited to webdesign or development only. It is rather diverse from business processes to marketing and SEO consultancy. Besides consultancy we can also provide professionals for hands on needs.

Our Highlighted Services

Business Process Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy incl. Digital

SEO | SEA | SER Consultancy

Content Consultancy

Branding Consultancy

What do these fancy terms mean?

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  • Business Process Consultancy

    Let us help you increase your companies productivity!

    The question you have is: What is Business Process Consultancy?

    To answer this question we first need to explain what we mean by Business Process:
    Every company have several data flows otherwise known as document flows. It means that every company sends messages internally and externally too for instance customers. A lot of this can be done automatically and all of it can be done systematically. It only requires the right software and knowledge to setup this software. After setting up the software it becomes integrated with every days usage for employees and management alike. Increasing productivity, transparency and overall usability. While removing risks like typo's and unproductive lost time.

    As expected LoginSecure has the knowledge and the software to set this up for you. Let us help you increase your companies productivity.


    What is included in this service?

    • We make a analysis about the data flows within your company.
      • In this analysis you can find out which data flows can become automatic and which are systematic as well as the recommended way for implementation.
    • We determine which software is perfect for the job and fits best for your companies future.
      • This information is added to the analysis mentioned above.
    • We install the software and set it up for use by your company.
    • We create templates for all the different documents
      • This includes the creation of extra fields needed for specific information inputs etc.
    • We test the complete data flow as well as usability within your website.
    • We train a select number of staff members in using the software.


    Business Process Consultancy prices starting from € 250,00.

    • Analysis (€ 250,00)
    • Software Installation (€ 100,00)
    • Software Setup (€ 250,00)
    • Template Creation for documents (prices starting from € 100,00 per template)
    • Testing Software, Data Flow, Our work (€ 0,00)
    • Training of 5 staff members for one day (1.250,00)


    This is more expensive than I thought!

    Some of the visitors on this website will undoubtedly have this reaction after reading the prices above. So let us explain why this can be perceived as expensive but why in reality it is very cost effective instead. 

    Every document that is created manually by a employee takes up time. Even if it is a short message or a message that is pre-written it still takes a minimum of 2 minutes to send it. Now imagine a welcome message for new customers. When you receive 100 customers it means that your employees have spent 200 minutes on writing these messages. With our Business Process Flow they would have spent 0 minutes. 

    We know a lot more reasons why it is cost effective! Get in contact with us to find them out. You can do this by filling in our contact form or the more direct way of filling in the quote below.

  • Marketing Consultancy incl. Digital

    Our Marketing Consultants understand your business, future goals and marketing requirements!

    What is the service Marketing Consultancy incl. Digital?

    With this service we enhance the sales and profits of your company by not only providing more exposure but also by providing targeted exposure, which means reaching potential customers who are likely to be interested in the product or service being offered. We can help you with all marketing aspects of your business online and offline. Our consultants excel in marketing, business, communications and psychology. The consultant creates and implements a marketing strategy that is not only creative but also analytical. Our consultants understand your business, future goals and marketing requirements.


    Please get in contact with us to get more information, ask questions and prices. You can use the contact form or the quote form below to initiate contact.

  • SEO | SEA | SER Consultancy

    LoginSecure brings all aspects of Search Engines to your company!

    What is the service SEO | SEA | SER Consultancy?

    With this service LoginSecure consults your company about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Registration. All three are key factors for your company to be found in the maze of the World Wide Web. Next to offering consultancy we also offer each service individual. So everything can be done in house or if you wish with external parties. Our consultants will help you determine which strategies are best to follow to capture more customers by optimally combining all the aspects of the Search Engines.


    Please get in contact with us to get more information, ask questions and prices. You can use the contact form or the quote form below to initiate contact.

  • Content Consultancy

    Good content is worth more then thousands of euro's in advertisement!

    What is the service Content Consultancy?

    To explain this service we need to start with explaining that good content is actually more valuable then thousands of euro's in advertisement. How is this possible? Good content consists out of text and media that engages visitors and keeps engaging them because it is good. This content will then create traffic for years to come which cannot be said from advertisement. TIP: Combining good content with advertisement is a win-win situation!

    Our Content Consultants will help you either with writing this good content or finding the appropriate content writer for your company/website this can be a writer from LoginSecure or a independent writer or agency. The consultants will furthermore advise you during the course of the contract about what to do and more importantly what not to do. 

    A big benefit from working with LoginSecure is that we offer a wide variety of services that can help this good content become even better content. When appropriate our consultants will advise you about these services.


    Please get in contact with us to get more information, ask questions and prices. You can use the contact form or the quote form below to initiate contact.

  • Branding Consultancy

    Our Marketing Consultants understand your business, future goals and marketing requirements!

    What is the service Branding Consultancy?

    Branding is vital for a company. Not only does it create recognition, trust and new customers it also helps with building your companies financial value. It inspires your employees and supports advertising. Our consultants help you with establishing a good brand for your company. They can help you when there is no brand at all or when you want to redo your existing brand. With our consultants help you can create a brand that increases the value of your company, provides your employees with directions and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier.

    If you do not wish to create the brand yourself then we can also do this for you. See our other services or get in contact with us to find out more.


    Please get in contact with us to get more information, ask questions and prices. You can use the contact form or the quote form below to initiate contact.

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