How does it work?

Website Lease from LoginSecure

  • website lease registration


    Register and order through the online form and tell us the website's requirements and your wishes. After that you can find all relevant files inside our customer panel.

  • website lease design


    We create a unique design that fits the requirements and needs of your website. Upon approval of this design we continue to the next phase.

  • website lease development


    We develop the website with cutting edge technologies and implement your text and images. Or if you don't have those we create them for you.

  • website lease installation


    Within 4 weeks the website is finished and ready for deployment. We take care of the domain registration, hosting and all the other processes.

    If you have an existing domain name than we help you with transferring the domain name or linking the domain name to our servers.

  • website lease support


    Support is always available to help you when you encounter a bug or have a question.

  • website lease modifications


    You can make modifications very easy to your website yourself or you can let us do it for you. A simple email to your account manager is enough to let us implement it immediately on your website*.

    * Requires Support Plus/Plus Premium license

Let us build your website so you can spend your valuable time on your business.