Website Trade-In what is it?

Website Trade-In simply means re-using all usable items from your existing website and placing this in a brand-new custom-made website from LoginSecure.

Re-Using parts from an old website saves the customer and us a lot of time and therefore we give a discount on a new website for all content that can be re-used.

*Website Trade-In is not possible with the Website Lease Program
Website Trade-In
Request Audit

Request Audit

Create a ticket to our sales department and select as service Website Trade-In. Please make sure to add your existing domain name to the ticket before submitting. You will receive within 7 days a detailed audit report.

Audit and Confirmation

We audit your website and send to you a detailed report accompanied by a quote where all re-usable items are discounted. Upon confirmation/approval from you, we continue to the next step.
Audit and Confirmation
Design & Development

Design and Development

We design a cutting edge website specifically for your business that will target your audience, fill it with your content and you can review it "live" during development. When finished we ask for your final approval.


After receiving your approval we install the website either on a server from another provider or one of our own fast servers with 24/7 security measures, daily backup, and constant up to date technology.
Enjoy the Website

Enjoy the website

Now there is only one thing left to do and that is to enjoy using your website and never have to worry about any of the technologies in use. We worry about that and you just use the website how you see fit. After using the website for about 3 to 5 years you can restart this cycle again. Or sooner if you wish!


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